Жизнь в музыке Татьяны Ступак
Tatiana Stupak started learning the piano at age five, studying at the Special School of the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg, and after that, for a further five years, continuing at the Conservatory itself. She qualified as a soloist, an accompanist and as a music teacher. She speaks Russian, Greek and English. In 2020 she began further studies at the Moscow Conservatory.

Tatiana has been based in Cyprus since 2007, where she is very well known, having played piano and organ at more than a hundred events in the last six years, both as a soloist, and accompanying other musicians. The majority of the events she has organized herself, and many of them have been for charitable causes.


Лимассол - Театр Паттихио
Школа музыки Татьяны Ступак
4 декабря, 2023 года, Культурный Центр Белграда
Школа музыки Татьяны Ступак
1 декабря 2023 / Здание Hellenic Bank, Никосия
24 сентября 2023 / Театр «Паттихио», Лимассол
29 сентября, 2022
12 июня 2019
Президентский дворец
8 сентября 2019 года
Школа музыки Татьяны Ступак
3 декабря 2017 года
Зал Agios Athanasios Town Hall

Mesa Geitonia, Athanasiou Cristopoulou, 9